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Friday, May 18, 2018

Our job’s core purpose is to give us the opportunity to earn some bucks. However, it can be a shuttle of positivity that all the members ride towards a mutual goal.

Anyway, it doesn’t have to be perfect. All it needs to be is decent.

But a job that destroys you as a human being, physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally is not worth it. What you work has a significant impact on who you will become.

So striving to find this balance between earning and happiness is important but it isn’t easy.

In every workplace challenges rise up from time to time. That’s normal. But some workplaces are just destructive.

Here are the 4 most important signs that tell you should quit your job!

If You Experience Any Of These 4 Signs, You Need To Quit Your Job:
The 4 Most Important Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

1. Your work feels like a dead end.

Having a work that seems to be going nowhere is soul eating. You can try creating some positive changes in the workplace but if it’s still not going anywhere, than you should have a serious talk with your self about your goals.

If you need to suck it up for a goal, than do what you have to do. But if you are stuck within that workplace for no reason, than it’s time to move on.

This is a clear sign that you’re in the wrong place and you need to put yourself in a place where you will have the opportunity to rise.

2. Your work feels empty and unrewarding.

If your work feel emotionally unsatisfying or unrewarding than it will just drain your energy. If despite all your achievements, you still feel a tinge of emptiness inside, as if something is missing, you might be in the wrong workplace.

When we say unrewarding we mean about effort. If you do a lot of work and you feel you deserve a lot more for the energy you spend, but you get significantly less, than it’s not smart to stay in a place that does not give you your energy back.

If no matter how much you try to do your best, they still don’t see any value from your contributions, it’s time to quit. You are not wanted there, they just use you.

3. Your work is against your true purpose.

As the world’s consciousness is shifting to higher levels, a lot of people are seeking work where they can feel in spiritual alignment with their soul purpose.

It’s when you are in alignment with your heart and spirit where you find the fulfillment of your life.

Of course, even in today’s time it’s not really easy to make an earning from your soul’s purpose.

Sometimes it’s ok to work something that’s not your purpose, in the end your work is about earning.

But if you are in an industry that goes against your soul purpose than you are going against your whole being just to earn some bucks. It’s not worth it.

If you’re one of these people, you need to realize that your work is not as important as the reason you are alive for. Try to find a work that allows you to be you, in all your greatness.

4. Your work revolves around toxic people.

If your work revolves around toxic people that drain you of your positivity and energy, than you are not contributing to anything by doing what you do. You are feeding toxicity.

Unless what you do is your true purpose or passion, than you should think about changing careers because your health is at stake.

What you work is not going to be perfect, it’s not going to be smooth and always positive, but it doesn’t have to be toxic. What you do is in integrity with who you are, and the world doesn’t need any more toxic people, it needs positive healers, artists and scientists.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Humans are put into this world to learn their lessons and live their purpose. Because each of us has our own path in our journey of evolution, we differ in the lessons we need to learn.

According to astrology, these lessons should be learned that we may live a successful, peaceful, and happy existence.

Each zodiac has a personality trait that, if not given proper attention, will cause problems to their life. Here is where they need to focus on and give due considerations.

Find out what this important lesson your zodiac wants you to learn to be able to ride the storms when they do come.

These Are The Most Important Life Lessons Each Zodiac Sign Has To Learn:
The Most Important Life Lessons Each Zodiac Sign Has To Learn According To Astrology

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries are known for being ambitious and hardworking. However, the more you focus on chasing your goals, the more you’re likely to forget about your important relationships.

You need to learn to find the balance between work and your social life.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, you have to take it slow when facing an argument. Though you’re great at it, you need to learn that not all arguments should be won.

Letting go of some is worth in the end. Choose your battles wisely.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Geminis are great at holding on to relationships. But not all relationships are worth your time.

Learn to let go of those that aren’t helping you grow. Just believe that you still can find ones that will help build you up.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Cancers are known to be a natural nurturer. But this doesn’t mean that you need to pamper others without pampering yourself too.

Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow and live a fulfilled life.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug23)
Leos tend to seek validation from others.

While there’s nothing wrong with asking for other people’s opinions, you should need to know that your self esteem or self worth is not dependent on others.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sept 23)
As a Virgo, you tend to have high expectations that aren’t realistic at times.

Having high standards is good, but make sure that they’re flexible so that when things change, you’ll never find yourself getting overwhelmed and disappointed.

Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23)

Libras are kind souls who are thoughtful and selfless. But when done overboard, you’ll hurt yourself in the process.

At times, try putting your own needs first because you can’t help others when your needs aren’t met.

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Scorpio, you tend to hold grudges against anyone who has wronged you.

Learn to let go of those grudges even when the wrongdoer fails to ask for an apology. Harboring grudges for so long can be destructive.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Being an adventurer, Sagittarius is always on the go. But don’t use this strength to run away from any situations or commitments you’ve agreed to.

Settle your obligations first before embarking on that new journey.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)

Capricorn, you find it hard to change something in your life even if it means moving forward.

Learn to take the plunge because you can only be happy when you get yourself out of that rut.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 18)

Being the mad scientist in the horoscope, Aquarius is guarded and detached at times.

You need to learn to establish an emotional connection with others and express the love you have for them. It’s possible to be smart while being loving.

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, one of your weaknesses is believing that others are out to get you. In reality, this isn’t so.

Ease up a bit because this is just your exaggerated opinion of yourself.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Rejection has a tendency to cripple our hopes and even paralyzes our dreams. All because rejection isn’t easy, especially when you’ve invested all your efforts and time on something that doesn’t work in your favor.

Rejection happens because we’re not in control of everything that comes in our life. No matter how confident you are, rejection can still catch you off guard.

On the other hand, if you have insecurity issues, you’ll feel the impact twice or thrice as much.

It’s okay to feel bad about it. It’s even healthy to acknowledge the feeling and feast on it for a few days.

But then you can’t stay in that place forever. While processing your emotions, you need to figure out what went wrong, or why are you feeling that bad.

You can derive strength from this experience by learning all the lessons it brings you. Here are the ways to start with.

5 Strategies To Use Rejection In Your Favor:

5 Strategies To Use Rejection In Your Favor And Become The Best Version Of You

1. Do an ego check.

When you feel rejected, your ego is the most hurt because that small voice within wants only you to be the center of attention. And at times when you aren’t, it tends to make you feel not good enough.

Your ego will convince you that you’re the victim here. The truth is, things don’t work in your favor for a lot of reasons.

Being something much bigger or greater is prepared for you.

Instead of focusing how hard you’ve been hurt, look for the brighter side of things. Look for the other side of the road and work more on yourself.

By choosing to stay positive, you’ll attract the good things to happen in your life.

2. Accept your circumstance.

The fastest way to move from rejection is by accepting the fact that you’re being rejected. Tell yourself that, yes, you had been rejected, so what.

The world doesn’t stop spinning. The birds didn’t stop chirping, which means being rejected is not the biggest thing in the whole wide world.

This fall only means you’re being given the opportunity to see what’s at the bottom. Use this insight to enter into a survival mode and look past your present circumstance.

Find ways to improve yourself and your situation with more focus and determination. No one is as braver as a wounded soldier.

3. Look for other options.

Let go of the “what ifs” or the “what could have beens”. You can’t turn back time by dwelling on these things.

Don’t exhaust yourself too much on things that don’t serve you. Instead, focus your energies on greater opportunities and unlimited possibilities.

Anything can happen if you just believe and trust that the tide will turn in your favor at a time that is divinely inspired.

4. See how rejection works in your favor.

Most often, rejection is only the universe’s way of telling you that something isn’t meant for you.

And if you insist on having what isn’t meant for you, you’ll only hurt yourself and your life or even your loved ones in the process.

5. Surrender to Divine timing.

Everything happens the way it should be. This is a fact of life that should be taken into consideration.

When you understand how the Divine works, it’s easier for you to move on from rejection and look for the right opportunity that is solely prepared and designed for you.

Hence, after licking your wounds, thank the universe for the lessons learned and ask for help that you’d be guided as you wait for your big break.

And always remember, having it all doesn’t come easy. Rejections are essential in shaping you to become the right fit for the goals you wish to attain.

The past month was all about reconnecting with your spirit and rediscovering who you are. The month before was reconnecting with your heart and doing the things you love doing.

This month is about finding courage to be the person you know you are.

You already know what you love, what the best version of yourself looks like, what your purpose is.

This month is about starting to believe in this version of yourself and actually being congruent to your ideal self.

It’s about being courageous to do 3 things that will make you the best self you can be. I’m not going to explain how each of these will help you so you just have to trust me. Just do what it says, without overthinking and overanalyzing the task.

3 Things To Do This May To Be The Best Self:

1. Start the project.

We all have a project that we keep postponing because of imaginary excuses. Stop. No matter what your excuses are, start this project that you keep postponing. Whether it’s writing a book, learning to play an instrument, or starting a business, just start.

2. Accept the challenge.

Do you have a challenge that you always wanted to do, but it makes you a little afraid and excited in the same time? Maybe you wanted to join some competition or do public speaking. Whatever it is, accept this challenge, find courage to do it.

3. Approach.
There is a moment when you see someone passing by you, or a person on the bar, and you really want to get to know them, but you do nothing about it. Change what you do in this moment and approach them. Do not think. Whenever you feel it, approach them and talk.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The last month was all about discovering our inner light and becoming aware of it.

This month is all about making our light shine. It’s about pealing off the things that prevent our light to shine while improving the ones that make it shine even brighter.

If we started working to be a better version of ourselves the previous months, this month is when the first improvements start to show results.

This month will summon your courage and conviction to step up and do what you need to do to improve yourself and make a better world for yourself and others.

So mental upgrades, the end of conflict, joy creation and synchronicity are all there for you this month.

Here Is What Astrologists Say May Has In Store For Each Person:
Astrology And Cosmic Update For May 2018: Here is What May is Bringing for Each Person

After the transformative Scorpio Full Moon, the first weeks of May kick off with some beautiful, soft, and gentle energy that is really going to bring soothing relief. We may find that it’s easier to relax and we may naturally feel more optimistic about the future. The first half of the month really offers some wonderful energy that will comes as a relief after the up and down energy of April.

Then on May 15th, we have one of the most significant and special days of the year. This is because we have the protective and supportive, Taurus New Moon and we also have the rare movement of Uranus from Aries into Taurus.

The New Moon in Taurus will be offering a very stable and rewarding energy that is going to help us maximise all that we have been working on throughout the year, particularly professionally.

If you have been feeling lost in your career, or unsure of how to turn your passion into profits, this is going to be a great time to put plans into action.

If those plans aren’t super clear just yet, it is also the perfect time to set an intention and to think about what your career path may look and feel like.

Perhaps even consider writing down what you want your ideal day to feel like, and then work on bringing those feelings into your daily routine one by one. This simple exercise is likely to help you get things moving and will help you to shift your vibration.

Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day is also going to assist with this energy and may bring new insights or awakenings into your life.

Uranus is the planet of awakenings and has the power to shake up and stir whatever it touches so we can realize new things and see things from a different perspective.

Because Taurus is a very grounded, stable Earth sign, Uranus may not always feel completely comfortable in this placement. Uranus energy wants us to do things on a whim and to try something completely different, whereas Taurus longs for us to move in methodical, practical steps that have been tested and proven.

This opposing energy may create challenges, and there even be a similar tug of war within your own heart and soul as well. Perhaps you will feel the need to question some of the steps you have been taking in your own life, and whether they are still serving you or whether you need to try something different.

While this energy may manifest differently for everyone, on a whole, it is likely when Uranus has finished its journey through Taurus in 2026, we are all going to have a new insight into what brings us security and what is really important to pursue in our lives.

The energy of May wraps up with the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 29th. This is a beautiful Full Moon that is really going to help us to open our hearts big and wide.

This Full Moon is also wonderful for attracting new loving energy into your life, or for releasing blocks that are holding you back from experiencing true love.

The overall energy of this month:

May offers some delicious energy that is going to help us feel more excited and optimistic, especially when it comes to love, romance, and creative projects.

Overall, May is a busy month with lots of new energy to explore and enjoy.

Monday, April 9, 2018

“Laughter is the best medicine”. While this famous quote feels like a cliché, science is providing us with studies that back this up.

Not only laughter boosts our mood, it also boosts our health by alleviating pain.

There are even several laughter types that correlate with different social and emotional states. Some of these are conspiratorial laughter, gallows humor, and nervous laughter.

But the one that is the most beneficial to us is the laugh that stems from the heart and soul. This is the type of laughter that signifies the celebration of life.

6 Effects Laughter Has On Our Physical And Emotional Health

1. Joyful laughter is therapeutic.
Studies showed that a joyful laughter has therapeutic effects on physical health and the emotional well-being.

It promotes an ’emotional reciprocity’ where we feel we’re creating a strong bond with others.

2. Laughter therapy creates a happy and successful life.

Famous writer Norman Cousins attributed his happiness, success, and the length of his life to laughter therapy.

Diagnosed with a painful and debilitating spinal condition in the 1960’s, Cousins believed that stress contributed to his illness. To get better, he used positive emotions in a focused way.

This involved watching comedies on TV and striving to laugh at least 10 minutes a day. True enough, Cousins was able to achieve a pain-free sleep.

Laughter is like a drug that can produce a natural high. A European study found laughter triggered an opioid-like release in the pleasure centers of the brain.

Moreover, the subjects’ pain thresholds were significantly increased after having a good laugh by watching comedy shows according to researchers.

3. Laughter yoga lowers the risk of illness.

A study of pediatric patients found that laughter reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Having a high level of cortisol is likely to lead to diseases like anxiety and depression.

Not only that, laughter also stimulates the production of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin, which are the hormones associated with the reduction of pain and stimulation of happier mood.

4. Laughter improves symptoms.

An hour of laughter therapy per week accompanied by breathing exercises, stretching, and meditation improved the symptoms of hemodialysis patients according to one study.

Laughter yoga also helped in elevating the mood of people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

On the other hand, a Japanese study found that those who never or almost never laugh had a 60% greater risk of stroke and 21% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

5. Laughing regularly regulates memory.

Along with having a better memory, laughing regularly also boosts learning and mood while reducing the risk of depression.

6. Laughter is the best medicine with no side effects.

Unlike a conventional medicine, laughter makes you feel good without putting you at risk of possible side effects. Above all, it’s 100% natural.

Even the conventional medical world concludes that laughter is the best medicine accessible by everyone who wants to heal from serious health problems.

So, if you or anyone you know is recovering from an illness or stress, teach them to start learning to laugh from the heart.

And make sure to always surround yourself with positive people whom you’re able to share a good laugh with.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

We all know that in order to make your dreams come true the essential, necessary ingredient is a strong will. But it’s not that simple after all. It’s not just will that you need, and you can’t make your dreams come true just by thinking about them.

If making your dreams come true was that easy, everybody would have been living their dream by now.

To have a dream and a strong will is the easy part but moving forward is where the go getters rise above the ‘dreamers’.

Even if you have all the talents and all the predispositions you need it’s not a clear way to fulfilling your dreams. Probably the most important thing, even more important, or at least equally important as a strong will, is to have the right mindset and the right tools in hand.

First and foremost, you need to know what your dream is. Second, you have to believe that you have the full capability to fulfill your dreams and have a strong will to do that. Third, you need the right tools in chasing those dreams. If you have these three, then you’re good to go. Here are the 5 tools that will help you on your journey!

If You Want To Make Your Dreams Come True You Need These 5 Tools:

5 Tools You Need To Make Your Dreams Come True Despite Strong Will

1. The right intentions.

Dreams that aren’t founded on the right intentions are bound to be swayed by the ego and feelings of not having enough. Setting the right intentions connects you to the sacred place within you that already embodies the states you wish for yourself.

Your intentions should be based on the reasons behind your dreams. Once you have set the right intentions, you will be guided to act in accordance with your profound values as you pursue your dreams.

2. A clear list of your dreams and intentions.

Your dreams become tangible when you put it on paper. By writing it down, you will have a clearer picture of the things you want to have or want to become.

This releases your dreams from your heart, which means you’re ready to face them and work for them in the real world.

Once you have made your list, read them before bed at night and after you wake up, trusting fully that they’re being released to the field of pure potentiality and will happen in accordance to divine timing.

3. A vision board.

If you haven’t created one yet, vision boards do help a lot. First, vision boards can entice you to visualize your dreams throughout the day if you see them often. Second, your dreams will likely come into reality when you have created a sacred space for them.

The fact that you intend the vision boards to bring whatever is on it to life will set everything in motion.

You don’t have to be super creative to make an amazing vision board. Just focus on the things you want including the feelings you want to feel.

You can check out on the internet for the best vision boards samples.

4. An accountability partner.

Sharing your dreams with someone you trust makes them more real and attainable.

Seek out an accountability partner whom you know will give you encouragement and knows how to cheer you up when the going gets tough.

Most often these people are your loved ones who are always supportive of all your undertakings.

People who already have what you want are the best mentors too. They’ll likely help you if you’re bold enough to ask them.

5. A visualization practice.

The best time to practice visualization is before going to bed because your unconscious mind will do its magnificent work while you’re asleep.

Begin by asking what you want then let the emotions flow having an imagery of yourself already fulfilling your dreams. Involve all the five senses: see it, touch it, smell it, hear it, and taste it.

Do this practice every night or even during the day when you feel like doing it.

Remember, what you focus on, expands.

The past month was all about reconnecting with your heart and what makes you happy, and the month before was all about acting on your new habits that will improve your self.

This month is about reconnecting with your spirit and remembering what makes you special.

What’s your truest self, what’s your essence and what does it stand for?

Becoming the best version of yourself cannot be done if you do not know the essence that’s within all the versions of you.

By reminding yourself of this essence you’ll find the place within from where you can source self esteem and power, inspiration and passion, for all your endeavors.

There are 3 things you can do this month that will help you in answering these questions!

3 Things To Do This April To Be The Best Self:

How To Be The Best Self: 3 Things To Do This April To Be A Better Version Of Yourself

1. Start writing in a journal.

Writing in a personal journal is a habit that was done by majority of successful people. There is something in the act of sharing your unfiltered thoughts on a piece of paper, it’s like being reconnected with a part of yourself that you always try to edit and silence. This part of you, even though it’s driven by the egoic mind, it holds a deeper truth of who you truly are and what really matters for you. By making journaling a daily habit you’ll rediscover your true unedited self and what you really stand for.

2. Follow the trail of ‘Whys’ and ‘So what ifs’ when something upsets you.

The trail of ‘Whys’ and ‘So what ifs’ is what we call the process of asking yourself the question ‘Why’ when something upsets you followed by ‘So what if’ hypothesis on the answer, until you dive right into the core of the problem. So, for example, if someone calls you stupid and that upsets you ask yourself ‘Why being called stupid upsets me?’ and when you get an answer, let’s say something like ‘Because it means I am unworthy.’ ask yourself ‘So what if I am unworthy?’ This will make you answer something like ‘I will be unloved.’ and you can continue until you clearly see the real problem that you link with the situation that upset you. When you know the core problem you know that what needs work is not you being called stupid, but you feeling that if you are not smart enough people will not love you.

3. Do 1 thing every day that your soul tells you to do.

For one whole month do one thing every day that you feel like doing from the bottom of your soul. If that’s saying ‘I love you’ to someone, say it. If that’s calling an old friend, do that. If you your soul tells you approach someone, approach them. Let your soul decide one thing per day for a whole month. When you follow the suggestions of your soul you will start surrounding yourself with people and opportunities that show you what your soul’s purpose really is and what you really stand for. Yeah it’s scary, but that’s your essential goal. It’s kind of worth it to get to know what it really is.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The beliefs you strongly hold tell much of yourself, whatever they may be. But this doesn’t mean just because you don’t have all the beliefs suggested here, it prematurely denotes you’re not emotionally healthy.

We all have our own struggles. This list serves only as a guide to the path of emotional stability.

While there’s no rigidly definitive list of healthy beliefs, this list offers the better ones practiced by an emotionally healthy person. If you only have a few of them, practice learning the others because health in every aspect of life is a necessity to living life fully.

7 Beliefs That Show You’re A Completely Emotionally Healthy Individual

1. You believe that you are capable of love and are worthy to be loved.

You know deep within you that you are able to love unconditionally. This can be seen in your relationships, in the happiness and satisfaction you get from all the relationships you have in your life.

Loving others is not difficult for you because you know that you are worthy of love too. You know you don’t have to do anything or prove anything to earn the love of others.

This is because you love yourself first, thus others don’t have difficulty loving you. Besides, love is the best emotion to establish a deeper connection with others.

When there’s connection, life is meaningful.

2. You believe your own capability.

The key to measuring your own capability is experience. The more you experience doing things, the more you know you’re able to do it.

When faced with seemingly impossible tasks, you don’t limit yourself by saying you can’t do it. Instead, you test your capability by simply doing it.

By pushing yourself a little, trying new things, going to new places, or meeting new people, you’re gradually increasing your power, making yourself unstoppable.

3. You believe laughing at your own mistakes is cool.

Taking yourself too seriously only means you’re bound to beat yourself up everytime you commit a fault. But when you’re able to laugh at yourself, you’re telling yourself it’s okay to make mistakes.

You’re well aware of the fact that you can’t always have it right the first time. This also shows that when others fail, you’re not there to judge them nor belittle them for their failings.

By being able to laugh at yourself and acknowledging your own vulnerabilities, doing the right thing when given another chance is easier.

4. You believe that everyone deserves to be respected.

In the movie Harry Potter, Sirius Black put it more accurately: “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

A lot of people holding big titles fail in this area. Not because you paid someone to do things for you, it’s okay to treat them differently from that of your colleagues.

Money doesn’t stand for respect. They’re just simply two different aspects of life because respect buys a lot more in the long run.

The way you treat the people you meet daily, such as the bus driver, customer service representatives, janitor, and others say who you really are. Thus, be mindful of how you interact with every person you meet.

5. You believe in flexibility and adaptability.

They call it rolling with the punches. It’s how you respond to challenging and difficult situations.

Emotionally healthy individuals are willing to adjust their sails when the wind is working against them. Even if it means changing plans and strategies, you do so just to move forward without giving up or being inflexible.

The situation may push you to get mad, sad, or freak out. But you acknowledge your emotions by handling them the best way you can.

Instead of flying into a rage or having a drinking spree, you watch a movie that lightens up your mood or lock yourself in the room for a time. After feeling better, you change the things that need to change and life moves on.

6. You believe you can do things even if you don’t feel like doing them.

In Psychology, this is called mood independent behavior, that is, you do things you don’t feel like doing. You do things not because you feel like doing them but because you need to do them.

Most often, when we feel lazy, we stay on the couch all day and watch TV. Or when we’re not in the mood to work, calling in sick is an option.

However, when you put your behavior first, especially when you know you get pleasure in doing that thing in the past, your mood will catch up.

For example, if you feel like not working out, changing into your workout clothes and hitting the gym will pump up your energy.

This little trick also works in facing fears. You’re only able to gain confidence when you get out of your comfort zone and face your fears.

The feelings of fear are just temporary. When you face old fears more often, it no longer looks scary every time you face it.

7. You believe you can stay the course.

Staying the course helps you develop two attributes: grit and self control.

You found grit when you stay the course long term. It’s sticking to something in order to get what you want. It’s having to study late hours at night to earn your degree or having to bring your own snacks to avoid sugary foods and take back your health.

On the other hand, you have self control when you’re able to stay the course short term, which means resisting temptations.

It’s keeping your cool when the customer is ranting or sticking to your diet plan by saying no to a delicious chocolate your friend offers you.

There may be times when you fall prey to temptations or instant gratification. But what matters is you keep exercising your grit and self control. Like muscles, they are built through constant exercise.

These two attributes are needed in staying the course because it’s only when you stay the course that you can establish a strong relationship, the right career, or have an amazing health.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

There are people who possess a charisma that is so hard to resist. Something deep within them tells they’re more than their looks.

Most of it is not an innate nature they’re born with, rather it’s a personality they have nurtured within themselves.

The good news is, you have the ability to nurture these qualities within yourself too and make yourself equally attractive.

Psychologists have discovered the secrets of these attractive people.

9 Psychological Secrets To Make Yourself More Attractive

1. Cultivating self-awareness.

Self awareness is the knowledge you have of yourself. It’s knowing your strengths and your weaknesses without any judgments of yourself.

When you’re self aware, you know where you’re standing on. You’ll treat yourself with respect and people will treat you the way you treat yourself.

You easily figure out what you want and communicate this knowledge to others in a clear manner.

Being self aware, you’re able to develop a strong posture, good conversation skills, and a genuine smile. With this, your presence will have its mark on the people’s minds and they find it hard to easily forget how you made them feel.

2. Having big goals.

Goals are what fuel people to do their best and keep moving on. If you have one, people will tend to gravitate towards you because they can’t resist the positivity you have.

They can see that you’re not only a dreamer of larger than life dreams, but also know how to find your way in fulfilling them.

No matter how impossible your dreams may appear, if you continue to charge forward with a strong conviction that you”re able to make it, people will admire you for that.

3. Having confidence.

Confidence is not a goal to be achieved, rather it’s the fruit of small and constant wins over yourself. The more you know you’re able to do a thing, the more confident you’ll appear.

People will see this as greatness within you.

When you’re confident, you wouldn’t feel envious or jealous of other’s achievements because you know that you’re also being great in your own way doing your own thing.

You’re taking authority of your actions. Having confidence doesn’t mean you’re not afraid or feel nervous, you do have these feelings. Only that you’re sure you can handle the situation and are able to pull it through.

4. Never complaining.
Complaints are signals that say you’re not being happy with the world and with yourself as well. It’s a kind of defense mechanism people use to validate their reason for not being able to do a thing right.

You seldom hear attractive people complain. All because when challenges arise, they see it as opportunities for more creativity and a test of their problem solving skills.

They’re able to find ways on how to make things right. Or, if things are out of hand, they let go without complaints and look for other things that are worthy of their time and effort.

5. Using the right body gestures.

Even before you speak, people start to read you through your body movements. First impressions or snap judgments are often based on your looks and body language.

A fidgety movement signifies discomfort or lack of confidence, so is not looking at the other person’s eyes in conversations.

You’re likely to make a great first impression when you offer people a warm smile while you look at them in the eye in conversations. This creates a connection that makes people feel that you acknowledge their presence, in which case a reason for them to love having you around.

6. Being a great storyteller.

Sharing stories and experiences are also a great way of attracting people to you. When you’re able to weave your story in an interesting manner, people tend to get hooked on you.

To be interesting, you don’t have to appear comical. It’s being your genuine self communicating your ideas and stories in a clear and captivating way.

This is a skill you can learn to master, and one that allows for better social interactions.

7. Focusing on one.

Whether it be your goals or a person, focusing only on one thing is necessary. A lot of people nowadays couldn’t resist from looking at their phone from time to time even when they’re speaking with someone.

Though they may not be aware of it, it’s a rude act. People have also other things to do, but they’re there with you for some reason.

It’s not proper to break the momentum you have with other people due to unimportant distractions.

Looking away or looking down while talking to someone is equally unattractive.

But when you give someone your undivided attention when you’re with them, you’re not only making a connection, you’re making yourself attractive too.

8. Learning to listen.

Listening is a skill. Pretending to listen while your mind or eyes are somewhere else doesn’t make up for a good conversationalist.

Remember, attractive people are good conversationalist who not only speak well but listen greatly too. Being able to listen attentively is a skill you can develop once you learn how to focus on the person you’re talking to.

Listen to not only speak but to understand as well.

9. Be a mirror of other people.

Being a mirror is being on the same page with the other person. When you’re out with someone, show interest in their hobbies and interests without faking it.

For example, if their hobbies or interests are your pet peeves, never drop the subject just because you hate it. Instead, allow yourself to step on their shoes and be curious enough why they like a certain thing.

This way, you’re not only being a good company but are learning a lot too. People can teach us in so many ways. And we can only learn when we’re open to what others have to say.

All these tips are not difficult to learn when you plant these within you like seeds. You only need to constantly water it, nurture it, and give it sunshine untiringly.

From time to time some weeds may grow, pluck them out while their roots are still new.

In the right time, you’ll just be surprised how your relationship with yourself and with the world will expand that much. Most of all, people seem not to get enough of you.

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Getting tired at some point is something that all of us normally go through. Things we can’t control leave us feeling exhausted or drained of energy.

We also tend to get drowned by the myriad of things we need to do in a limited time that these things need to get done. With this daily tasks at hand, how can we know if we’re still functioning normally or has gone beyond our limits?

When we’re too busy thinking about other things, we tend to forget how we’re doing. We only realize we’re doing things wrong when we’re too sick to even work.

You don’t have to wait for this scenario to take place before you’ll say you need to have a break. Certain signals will start to come out when you’re going through a mental and emotional exhaustion.

Take note, though, these warnings can be dangerous as they can impair the relationship you have with yourself and with other people.

9 Warning Signs Of Mental And Emotional Exhaustion Most People Overlook

1. The slightest things irritate you.
It takes very little to irritate you. You feel as if your patience meter is running low. You’re quick to find a fault and may find negativity all around you.

People may keep their distance from you to avoid conflicts. Losing your temper becomes your normal attribute and you even feel hopeless about it.

When you catch yourself under these circumstances, sit back and try to relax. Take slow, deep breaths. Better yet, take a break and free yourself from stress.

2. You’re always running out of time.

You feel you have to always be catching time as if you don’t have enough of it. Aside from running late, you don’t even have time for yourself.

This is a signal that says you need to pamper yourself once again. Go out to a spa or shop the shoes you’ve been wanting to buy.

Treating yourself at times slows you down.

3. You’re losing your motivation.

You start to forget what you’re waking up for or why you’re working. Nothing motivates you anymore. The book that used to inspire you slowly lose its meaning and you’re even losing your faith in life.

Life can be harsh, but you’re in control. Stop pushing yourself too hard when things aren’t working in your favor. Instead, take a rest and regain your positivity once again.

4. You’re finding it hard to fall asleep.

Too much stress could interfere with your body’s normal function. As a result, your nights are harder than your days because falling asleep is a bout you need to win over.

The key here is meditation. Meditate before you sleep. Don’t worry if you can’t calm your mind. Focusing on your deep breaths will do the trick.

Allow your breath to calm your mind and lead you to positivity. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep is enough to keep you mentally and physically fit the next day.

5. You’re feeling nauseated and lethargic.

When you’re too tired, your head feels light making you feel dizzy and nauseated. This is a sign you must never ignore. Or else, your body may break down and may complicate things more.

Rest for a few days to regain your composure back.

6. You’re avoiding responsibilities.

You know you’re a responsible person who is willing to do everything just to get things done. But when you automatically refuse to take in more responsibility, it means you’re feeling the enormous burden you have at the moment and you can’t take it anymore.

If you keep doing this, it might pose a serious problem to your career or even your personal life.

Rather than avoid the responsibilities that keep coming your way, take a break and recharge yourself. It’s a replenishment of energy you need the most.

7. You’re feeling detached.

Nothing seems to matter to you anymore. You don’t feel connected to anyone or even to yourself. You simply lose that connection as if you’re bereft of emotions.

There might be some pain that’s lingering within you. Let it be then let it go. Give yourself enough space and time.

8. You’re feeling anxious more often.

The smallest of things are likely to send you worrying and you can’t help yourself from getting anxious. Even normal things can make you worry.

Worrying too much is a sign that you no longer have space left in yourself for fun and excitement.

Take a break. Ditch that stress by doing the things that lift up your positive vibes and will ultimately calm your mind.

9. You find yourself crying without a valid reason.

You catch yourself crying for no reason at all. You don’t know why, but you just want to cry. The truth is, your body can’t take it anymore and needed to purge some of those pains or stress away.

You’re just too mentally exhausted to handle things. This is your body saying enough.

Your best response would be to take a break. Take some time off. Have enough space to breath and be yourself once again.

Don’t overwork yourself because there’s no point of working too much or taking in too much when it’s not making you happy. You don’t have to lose yourself in the process.

You’re working to make yourself happy and not push it far more than it can handle.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Putting oneself first before others might sound selfish. That could be, when since childhood we’re taught to be unselfish and serve others first before ourselves.

While this teaching is good, it can’t serve us well when we’re not putting things in the right perspective. By putting others above everything, we find a lot of unhappy people playing the role of victims because they simply lost touch of themselves.

How can we best serve others if we’re unhappy, burnt out, and feel not taken cared of? We have to have an ample self-realization before we can become the kind-hearted individuals others expect us to be.

Thus, before we go out into the world to love others, we have to have enough self-love to sustain us in the process. And that begins with putting our self first.

Here are more of the reasons why putting yourself first matters.

5 Reasons You Should Take Loving Care of Yourself Before Everything Else

1. Your health is your wealth.

Your biggest asset is your health. If you kept on postponing your checkup because of the more important things to deal with at the moment, you’re only making the matters worse.

Don’t ignore when your body sends you signals that say something is not alright. Even if the symptoms aren’t that bad, finding out the possible causes for your discomfort earlier is a wise thing to do.

The more you ignore it, the worse it could become. It would then be too late. And when you’re sick, you’re no longer able to serve the people who matters to you.

A disease or illness could even hinder you from achieving your goals. Taking care of your health means taking care of the people you love. It’s as simple as that.

2. Your work can wait.
Your career is important, but it does not mean you have to give in to all its demands. Working too much, which includes lots of overtime, can wreck havoc to your health, relationships, and even your work performance in the long run.

Your work is not the only thing that you live for. You also have your family, loved ones, and your own life to live and take care of.

Establishing a boundary in your work life is a necessity. If not, your boss is likely to push you too hard and will demand more than you can offer.

When you have your boundaries, you can spend time with your family, as well as take the much needed rest that enables you to work with more energy, creativity, and enthusiasm.

3. Self care rituals enhance your well being.

Giving time to yourself for self care gives you tons of benefits. Not only will it enhances your mental well being, it provides you with a renewed energy too.

When you do things that make you feel better, like having a massage, gardening, or cooking your favorite food, you’re increasing your chances of staying healthy.

Doing the things that you love is one way of reducing your stress levels.

Whenever you feel life is getting out of hand, take some time off for self care. The better it is if you have self care rituals done on a regular basis.

4. Confidence makes you attractive.

A confident person is one who is able to appreciate the beautiful things in others without a tint of envy. You can only appreciate others genuinely when you have appreciated yourself first.

Give yourself a pat on the back whenever you’ve done something right. Compliment yourself when you notice how beautiful you are today.

When you’re able to smile at yourself in the mirror, you’re likely to smile at others in a loving way. Feeling good with yourself increases your confidence level and makes you more attractive.

5. Your relationships will get better.

If ever you’re the type of person who always put others first before yourself, you’re likely to exhaust yourself, feel tired, or constantly in a bad mood. And people don’t want to be around with someone whose energy sucks.

But when you put yourself first, you’re giving everybody the message that you’re an energetic and competent person who has enough willpower to solve issues and provide assistance.

People will benefit from your higher energy vibration. Because of this, everyone will gravitate towards you and your relationships will doubtlessly improve.

Putting yourself first is not selfish. It is an act of love to yourself that extends to other people and the world in general.
Fears are normal emotions of every human being. While the feelings of fear help us, in a way, to prevent ourselves from getting injured such as handling sharp objects with care, most often than not, it prevents us from getting out of our comfort zone.

It’s this kind of fear that keeps us from achieving our dreams and life purpose. Some of these fears are even irrational and unnecessary.

So, to keep our focus on the now and attain success in life, we need to identify those fears and face them head on.

5 Fears You Need To Overcome To Achieve Your Dreams And Purpose In Life

5 Fears You Need To Overcome To Achieve Your Purpose:

1. The fear of letting go.

As humans, we have this tendency to get comfortable with what is familiar, even if it hurts us or prevents us from getting happy. We keep holding on to the past all because we’re too afraid of letting go.

Going beyond our familiar surroundings looks unbearable. But this is the shortest way to kill our dreams and purpose.

Hence, don’t just dream of moving forward. Act on it. Let go of the past.

Let go of the thoughts, ideas, and any beliefs that are holding you back and believe in the possibility of your dreams taking their shapes.

2. The fear of change.

The number one thing that prevents us from letting go of something is the fear of change. We hate change because it means going to unfamiliar places or meeting unfamiliar people.

The fear of the unknown paralyzes many of us. But it’s not enough reason to kill your dreams.

You need to embrace change and allow movement and growth to happen in your life.

3. The fear of failure.

Most often than not, we don’t take the plunge because of the fear of failure. That little voice inside our minds is comfortable in receiving less than what we deserve because it’s so afraid even to try.

However, success often hides under the guise of failure. It’s when you fail that you’re more fired up to try different things, change your approach, or develop more skills.

Be not afraid to try. Nobody got it perfectly the first time.

4. The fear of being different.

There’s nothing wrong with pleasing other people. But when you do it as a lifestyle and do only what others approve of or think what others are thinking, you will lost the person that you are.

The reason why so many of us aren’t happy is because we never give ourselves the chance to be who we are, do our own thing, or think our own thoughts.

Becoming different means going against other people’s agenda. Yet, if it’s the only way for you to be happy and fulfill your purpose in life, then be different.

You have a purpose that only you can fill and a skill only you can do. In time, people will see how beautiful you look because you’re no longer ‘just a face’ in the crowd.

5. The fear of unleashing your hidden potential.

This kind of fear is often rooted deep within. It’s the situation where you are trying to move forward but deep inside something is holding you back.

This fear is inside your subconscious, that part of you that is scared of what is going to happen once your hidden potentials are unleashed.

Obviously, exposure and more responsibilities will come with your power. And your subconscious mind isn’t prepared for that, thus it’s holding you back.

You need to give yourself enough reasons why you have to push forward so that every cell in your being will cooperate.

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Misunderstandings or disagreements come up from time to time in a healthy relationship. A weak relationship can be seen when one partner always agree with the other.

This means only one voice rules the relationship. A relationship such as this is not likely to last.

On the other hand, frequent quarrels can hurt the stability of your relationship too. This could signify you two are simply two different people who are unable to meet at a common ground. Parting ways could be the best answer to finding each other’s happiness.

If you feel your partner is the one, engaging in a fight with them hurts you the most. You know too well that you couldn’t imagine a future without them.

Making up with the person you love is not that easy, especially when the hurt is deep. It takes a lot of effort to win their love and trust once again.

In order to know how to appease your lover’s bleeding heart, the sign of their zodiac may provide you a guide.

How To Make Up With Your Lover After A Fight Based On The Zodiac:

Be direct.

Be prompt and direct when asking forgiveness from your Aries lover before it would be too late. Aries doesn’t like it when you’re beating around the bush, nor are they patient enough to wait for the ‘right time’ to come.

Admit your mistakes, ask the needed apology, and promise never to commit the same mistake again before Aries decides to jump into the dating pool.

If ever it’s their ego you’ve hurt, a public apology might be all they need.

Admit that they were right.

Whether they admit it or not, but Taurus is the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac. Thus, it helps to admit that they were right in the first place.

Crafting a plan for possible future conflict is a big help in dealing with such conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner. This will pacify your Taurus lover who is security-conscious.

Add humor.

Humor has the power to break a Gemini’s reserve. Sending them a funny note of apology is a wise move.

Make it quick because Gemini admires swiftness and decisiveness. Waiting is not their cup of tea.

Communication is the best and fastest way to smooth things out between you and your Gemini lover. Allowing things to settle down for days is considered by Gemini as a sign of holding back.

Handle them with care.

The Crabs are sensitive people whose feelings are easily bruised. It takes patience, delicacy, and tact to win them back.

But if you tell them you can’t live without them, they may soften their hearts. If this trick won’t do, cook their favorite dish and keep on telling them how you only want the best for them.

Always see to it that you meet the needs of your Cancer lover.

A bit of flattery does it.

As lions, Leos love flattery and lavish tributes. A profuse admission of your mistakes with a declaration that you don’t deserve their love are likely to melt a Leo’s heart.

Shower them with gourmet chocolates and alluring flowers. This might do the trick as well as dressing well.

Leo may accept you back once they see that you’re trying hard enough to win their affection back.

Watch your language.

Virgos don’t like foul language such as swears and curses. Try your best not to utter these words when you’re with them.

If you mess up with them, win them back by cleaning up your act. Virgos appreciate it when you’re being on time and take the effort of tidying up your home.

Don’t tend to be too emotional with them as they prefer dealing problems on a more logical way. A good book would be the best peace offering for Virgos.

Shower them with compliments.

Libras need constant verbal and physical assurance. When you ask for an apology, make it formal through spoken or written communication.

Remind them how serious you are in your relationship and that you are willing to change for the sake of having them back.

See to it that you keep your romance alive and never forget to shower them with constant compliments.

Demonstrate your devotion.

‘Walk your talk’ is a mantra you should keep reminding yourself with a Scorpio lover because they’re individuals who see that words are meaningless unless you act on them.

If you want to win them back, you have to take serious positive actions, like breaking a bad habit or giving up anything that challenges your relationship.

You will thank yourself when you take a Scorpio’s complaint seriously and make efforts to satisfy their concerns.

A pet is an affectionate peace offering.

Being pet lovers, Sagittarians might be unable to resist when offered with a cute puppy or adorable kitten as peace offering.

You have to have an open mind in dealing with a Sagittarius lover because they don’t follow rules nor social conventions. Befriending their pals or becoming one of the gang is the easiest path to making up with them.

‘Honesty is the best policy’.

A Capricorn lover appreciates an honest and vocal partner. Spotting a lie is one of their strengths.

You better back off if you want to use lying as a tool for covering up your mess. As much as they hate lying, the Goats dislike teasing as well. They don’t want to play around.

If you’re serious in winning them back, admit your fault and do something that assures them of your love. Opening a savings account for your future together may pacify their desire of material security.

Be more open.

Aquarius lovers are open-minded. Discussing issues with them over coffee is a wise move since they love swapping ideas with others.

Try not to be emotional nor keep secrets with your Aquarius lover. They appreciate it more when you keep everything out into the open.

You will win the approval of your Aquarius lover if you’re more adventurous with them as well as follow their suggestions from time to time.

Resist the urge to be possessive and demanding.

Pisces are sensitive and compassionate souls who can’t stand in seeing the agony of others. They are fragile beings who need to be handled with care.

In dealing with them, try not to be possessive and demanding. Pisces can’t breathe in a suffocating relationship.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Even though we all want love, sometimes it’s us who break other people’s hearts.

Each of us does that in their own specific way depending on the situation. However, when it comes to heartbreaking behavior your zodiac sign can predict pretty accurately how you do it.

Here is how each zodiac signs breaks the heart of other people!

This’s How Each Zodiac Sign Breaks Other People’s Hearts

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)
Aries have a short period of attention span and find difficulty for long term commitments. You break other’s heart by luring them into becoming deeply infatuated with you, yet leave them in a span of a few weeks. You are no longer there to witness your partner’s great love for you because you’re already finding someone new after a time.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21)
You have a hard time opening up to other people. It’s how you break their hearts. When you decide to open up, you do so in a very slight manner. And when people start to get comfortable with you, you turn cold and shut yourself off.

Gemini (May 22 – Jun 21)
You break the hearts of your potential mates by your inconsistencies. Your unpredictability hurt the stability of your relationships. One day you are warm and loving, the next you are cold and distant. Falling in love with you means an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 22)
Giving in to the chatter of your family and friends hurt your significant other. One negative comment or remark from your friends or siblings about the person you’re dating discourages you instantly. You then stop to invest in the relationship.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)
Your hunger for attention breaks your partner. You are reluctant to share the spotlight with them and consistently put your needs above everything else, disregarding the needs of your partner.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)
Your indecisiveness breaks your partner’s heart. Because you tend to overthink things out, it’s hard for you to make decisions in your relationship. This makes you stagnant and slow, making your partner unable to wait for you. Your inability to keep up with their pace breaks their heart.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)
As a Libra, you are amiable and a great human being. People love to be around you because of your social prowess. However, you tend to experiment with people’s feelings which will eventually break people’s hearts.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22)
While being honest is a good thing, at times it breaks other’s hearts. When you break up with someone, you lack the sensitivity inherent in other people. You seemed unaffected because of your bluntness and frankness. Even then you speak without due consideration how other’s feel.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21)
You are a very career-oriented person. Choosing financial and economic security above anything else puts your relationship second place. This breaks your partner’s heart because they feel they’re not on top of your priority.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20)
As a planner and a visionary, you like to stick to a rigid timeline that you set for yourself. It’s easy for you to drop anyone who is unable to keep pace with you, breaking their hearts when they fail to meet your deadlines. Your inability to adapt to anything when your plan doesn’t go accordingly shatter other’s hearts.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 18)
Your intellect breaks your partner’s heart because you tend to make them appear inferior. As smarty pants, you always look for intellectual stimulation from people and couldn’t stand around humans who only offer you small talk.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
You break your relationship when your partner fails to appreciate your artistic ideas. You don’t like it when you feel your partner doesn’t understand your depth. You break people’s hearts when you find them to be unappreciative of your artistic and intellectual brilliance.

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