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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yes. This Is The First Actual Video Of Memories Being Formed In The Brain

Yes. This Is The First Actual Video Of Memories Being Formed In The Brain

Yes. This is the first actual video of memories being formed in the brain…

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have created film that essentially shows thoughts/memories being formed in neural pathways.

They ‘developed a mouse model in which molecules crucial to making memories (beta-actin mRNA) were given fluorescent “tags” so they could be tracked. This clip shows them traveling within a live brain cell in real time.’

Doctor Robert Singer, one of the main authors of the research project, says, “This observation that neurons selectively activate protein synthesis and then shut it off fits perfectly with how we think memories are made. Frequent stimulation of the neuron would make mRNA available in frequent, controlled bursts, causing beta-actin protein to accumulate precisely where it’s needed to strengthen the synapse.”

Video Credit: Credit: Hye Yoon Park, Ph.D.

Japanese researchers also filmed thoughts being formed in the brain of a zebrafish!

“A double-transgenic larva was embedded in agarose, and a spot was presented on an LCD display placed on the right-eye side. Ca2+ signals were detected on the left tectum upon appearance (ON) and disappearance (OFF) of the spot. The spot was shown for the first 3 s in this 6 s movie. The video is shown at 3x real time.”

Credit: Current Biology, Muto et al.

“With new technology, scientists in Japan have detected the thought that went through a baby zebrafish’s brain when it spotted some delicious food.”

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By Jesus Diaz, GIZMODO

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