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Saturday, February 1, 2014

‘Smart Bra’ Can Only Be Unhooked By True Love [Video]

‘Smart Bra’ Can Only Be Unhooked By True Love [Video]

A Japanese lingerie brand has developed a 'smart bra' that only unhooks in the company of one's true love. The bra analyzes the wearer's heart rate and syncs to an app before opening up.

Ravijour, the maker of 'smart bra' engineered the concept that is able to sense when a women is in love by using a built-in heart monitor that works in conjunction with a smartphone app. According to the company, the device is 'a revolutionary bra that knows how women feel.'

The company is marketing the bra as designed to ward off unsuitable men and is claiming to be 'an instrument to detect true love.'

A promotional video released by the maker showed that a sensor monitored the smart bra wearer's heart rate and then transmitted the data in realtime to an iPhone app using a Bluetooth connection.

‘Smart Bra’ Can Only Be Unhooked By True Love [Video]

"Until now the bra was a piece of clothing to remove, but now it is an instrument to test true love. I believe this bra will become a friend of women around the world," said a sex expert appearing in the video.

However, few people are raising concerns how the wearer might be released from the smart bra is she is not in love, or indeed if she does not feel she needs to be in love to get close to a man, reported Daily Mail.

The company did not provide further information regarding its availability. However fans can have a chance to try it out by spending more than 5,000 Japanese yen (about $50) on the brand's website.



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