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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Real Life Cartoon Look-A-Likes

By jeffsreallycrazyshit

They are among us and they could cross back over to the cartoon dimension at any moment, so if you ever encounter one of them, make sure you grab their hand and blink really fast three times.

#1 Montgomery Burns

This man who was was a Reddit user's high school french teacher does an eeeeeexcellent Mr. Burns impression . .
Montgomery Burns

#2 Peter Griffin 
Not only does this guy look like Peter Griffin from the hit show, "Family Guy," his name is Peter Griffin. Something needs to change. Either he goes on a diet or changes his name, but a life as Peter Griffin is sure to be animated. 
Peter Griffin

#3 Carl Fredricksen

We all felt so bad for Carl when Ellie died in the animated film "Up." Hopefully this guy's wife is still alive and well and he doesn't have to lift his house with balloons to fly to their favorite place. 
Carl Fredricksen

#4 Chris Griffin

Is that Chris Griffin in real life? Wow, that's scary. If there ever was a cartoon doppleganger, this is it.
Chris Griffin

#5 Linguini

This guy looks ridiculously similar to Linguini from the film "Ratatouille." Everyone who looks like a cartoon character should own it like he does.

 #6 Beavis

Going through life looking like Beavis from the animated television series "Beavis And Butthead" can't be fun. Add a bad case of acne, and we can't blame him for that frown. 

#7 Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf is alive and well. Aside from having blue skin, this guy is as close as they come to looking like the real Papa Surf. 

#8 Dora The Explorer

Cute as a button, this little girl looks like she could actually be the Spanish cartoon girl, Dora The Explorer. Same hair cut, same big eyes, and she's even wearing pink. 

 #9 Shrek

Did you ever think you would see a real life Shrek? Probably not, but this guy looks eerily similar to the green orgre. 

#10 Quagmire

Charlie Sheen, ex-Charlie Harper from the hit show "Two And A Half Man" and Glenn Quagmire, from the hit animated television series"Family Guy," not only look alike, they act a like. It's as if Quags was modeled after the rebellious Hollywood playboy. 



Real Life Cartoon Look-A-Likes

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