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Monday, March 31, 2014

What your Face Says About your Personality

What your Face Says About your Personality

Say what??! "Yes, your face is saying something," says Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face. "You're born with the features you have for a reason. The face is a map of your personality as well as your whole life." Hot off the heels of a study that revealed whether you're a fling or wife-y material, we wanted to know more about what our eyes, nose, mouth, etc., are telling the world. Here, Haner lays out what your facial features communicate about you (or your BF or BFF), based on her studies in 3,000-year-old face reading derived from Chinese medicine. Want a personalized reading of your own?


What your Face Says About your Personality

Rounded: If you have a round forehead, it means you are artistic, creative, emotional but not highly logical.

If you possess a slanted forehead which slants back, then you are quite professional and like to get
 results. You don’t like talking about your personal stuff.

Flat: A flat forehead, like Brad Pitt, signifies that you like to think before taking an action.


What your Face Says About your Personality

Bushy: The stronger eye brows you have, the more self confident you are. Not only confident but also people with bushy or strong eye brows take a logical approach towards life and possess strong sex drive.

Thin: Where the strong eye brows show loads of confidence, on the other hand thin eye brow shows that you are going to struggle to have the confidence. Those with super thin eye brows tend to attract abusive partners to their life.
Those who have such type of eye brows are led by emotions and are quite sensitive.


Big-Beautiful: Those who possess big and beautiful eyes are usually extrovert. They open up easily with
people and think that others should also be the same way as they are.

Small Eyes: Unlike those with big eyes, small eyed people are more reserved and like to keep their cards to their heart only. They are hard to impress.

Close Together: Those who have eyes closely held are smart at dealing with the situations and make use of things for their advantage.

Wide Apart: These people are highly tolerant and far sighted.


Prominent: As per Chinese study, the more prominent your nose is, the more you care about the quality of your work and explore the details.

Small: Generally people with small noses tend to believe about themselves that they work smart, not hard. These people are quite efficient but not perfectionists. They are shy and timid.

Wide: These people are emotional and generous. They are always ready to lend their support to their friends and family.


What your Face Says About your Personality

A Large Mouth: If you have a large mouth with full lips, the relationships or friendships are really important to you and it also shows that you would like to be a mother.

Narrow Lips: Such people have great determination and are good at taking decisions. They love their space and privacy.

Larger Bottom Lip: People with this type of lips are pleasure seeker. They are full of life and love to enjoy the life too much.

 6. CHIN

What your Face Says About your Personality

It’s a sign of good luck and abundance later in life.

Pointed: such people are dominating and like to take a charge. They are moody at times.

Strong: people with prominent chin are usually stubborn. They are highly independent and have high sex drive. They have great capabilities to tackle the situations wisely.

Small: Those with small chins lack self confidence and willpower. They tend to give up easily as they think that they can’t get through the tough times, but it’s just their mind set.

With Cleft or Dimple: People who have a small dimple in their chin are always ready to help others and love to be in spotlight.


What your Face Says About your Personality

Gap between The Front Teeth: such people need to have focus in their life and are impulsive risk taker.

Large Front Teeth: People with big incisors are stubborn and impatient.

Inward Slanting: Those who have such slanting teeth are good at grabbing the opportunities. Once they get the job, they don’t let it go.

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