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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baby With Two Faces Born in Australia [VIDEO]

Baby With Two Faces Born in Australia

A mother in Sydney has given birth to conjoined twins who share the same body but have two identical faces.

The two girls, named Hope and Faith, have a rare condition called craniofacial duplication or diprosopus, according to 9 News Australia.

Despite being informed at an early stage about the dangers of the condition, Simon Howie and Renee Young decided to go through with the pregnancy. Speaking on Australian TV programme A Current Affair, Ms Young stated: ‘If I only get two days with the baby I only get two days. I’ll at least have some time with her.’

Baby With Two Faces Born in Australia

Baby With Two Faces Born in Australia

Speaking on the same programme, maternal foetal specialist Dr Greg Kesby warned that the baby would face significant challenges right from birth: ‘I think one of the biggest risks to this baby, in terms of surviving, is its ability to breathe on its own.’

Against all odds, the six day old twins are breathing unaided and share a single heartbeat.

However, as doctors know so little about this extremely rare condition they can give the couple no guarantees regarding Hope and Faith’s future health.

Baby With Two Faces Born in Australia

‘I think there are going to be a lot of challenges afterwards related to the way the brains develop,’ Dr Kesby added.

‘That’s going to pose you lots of problems. That is the reality. The bub comes out and after a little while struggles, you’ve got to have that discussion, how far do you take things.’

The parents, who have seven other children, are enjoying whatever time they have with Hope and Faith.



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