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Thursday, April 2, 2015

7 Ways to Amplify Synchronicity in Your Life

7 Ways to Amplify Synchronicity in Your Life

If you are reading this, let’s just say this isn’t mere coincidence. It means you are aware, full of life and on the lookout for how the signs and symbols of the Universe are working to support you. What if you could amplify these signs?

Since the beginning of civilization we have relied upon symbols to inform us of the underlying connection in the Universe. The term of Synchronicity was originally coined by Carl Jung, who had been studying the phenomenon of correlating events, that appear significantly related and can have great meaning, even if there is no logical connection.

One of his most famous stories traces back to a troubled psychiatric client who was very was stuck in her process. In a session, she was talking about a dream she had the night before where she was gifted a golden scarab. As she was telling the dream he heard a click on the window…and Woola! A golden scarab at the window.

He opened the window, caught the Scarab, and said to her, “Now here is your Golden Scarab”.

This was so profound and so meaningful for the women, after years of treatment, she was finally able to breakthrough. The synchronicity was meaningful enough to snap her back to reality.

After years of living purely from a place of Synchronicity, and talking to friends and experts, it began to reveal itself that synchronicity, in fact, can be amplified and often does in certain circumstances. This is how to do just that:

1) Travel, Especially to New Places

Ever take a journey to somewhere new, full of excitement and there seem to be miracles on every corner?

You show up at the perfect time, gate number A6, maybe you were born on April 6th. The person next to you is going to the same retreat center, turns out you also grew up from the same town. How is all that possible?

Travel disrupts our normal daily life experience, and puts us instantly into a completely new territory. I believe it’s this novelty that allows the connections and symbols of the Universe to come in and speak to us. Plus, new adventures are good food for the soul, and when you are happy you are often naturally connected.

2) Treat Every Setback as an Opportunity

Say it doesn’t always work out perfectly, that’s often a good sign too.

This isn’t just a way to amplify synchronicity, it’s a great philosophy of life. Setbacks take us off guard and surprise us. I bet you weren’t expecting to miss that flight, get stuck in traffic, have that job not come through.

Embrace it! Often times when our order is disrupted, it’s because there is a higher order at play wanting to work its way into our lives. If you get excited and curious for what’s in store, rather than back down and get upset, you become a miracle maker.

3) Pay Attention to Numbers

What time is it now? 11:11. Total at the grocery store, $33.88. Did you see the license plate in front of you? BAZ 333, your favorite number sequence.

For whatever reason, numbers, especially number sequences, seem to be able to cut through our barriers of distraction and language and catch us off guard with synchronicity. Many I know who have massive amounts of synchronicity in their lives also have powerful and meaningful relationships with numbers.

Keep a look out constantly, and pay attention to numbers. They are everywhere, ready to let you know you’re on the right path. 111, 333, 555, 888, 1212, you get the idea.

4) Pay Attention to the Signs & Symbols

Similar to numbers, it’s important to follow the signs and symbols. These signs and symbols are present for a reason, and many will come in at different times to activate new chapters in the story of your life.

Scarabs, Flower of Life, Pyramids, Fleur de Lys, Dolphins, Eagles, Animal Totems, Angels, Isis, Magic Carpets, UFOs, Kermit the Frog, a Silver Mercedes, you name it. Maybe it’s even your childhood favorite football team or a music artist you love.

Remember synchronicity is created out of meaning, so if you are living a meaningful life and you give meaning to the signs and symbols that come to you, and you pay attention and follow the signs, you can’t help but exist within a higher-order.

5) Be Timeless

Find activities where you get to experience timelessness. Writing, Painting, Meditating, Exercise, etc. When you can lose yourself in the moment, often the moment can reveal more of yourself to you.

Timeless activities create spaciousness, and it’s that spaciousness that allows one to relax into the higher-order of existence. The synchronicities then become a natural miraculous way of life, not just a phenomenon.

6) Be Always Ready to Receive

How can your guides and the Universe deliver a package of miracles to you if you’re not present enough to receive it? If we are ungrounded, unpresent and scattered, it’s easy for us to miss the messages that are right in front of us, literally.

I find that synchronicity is amplified when you don’t rely on it, but rather take dedicated present action in your life, and are present enough to see it when it shows up, appreciate it as it does, but don’t expect it.

Also doing these three things will help you keep track of symbols:

7) Follow Your Highest-Excitement

We are realizing that this life is very dream-like in nature, and like a lucid dream, we can craft it with our imagination. Carl Jung presented this as well, that synchronicity validates the bridge between dreams and reality.

Remember to be spontaneous, playful and have fun. Synchronicity has a tendency to follow our excitement, and when we are living with excitement, magic becomes our way of life. Follow your absolute highest-excitement and let the Spirit of the Universe help guide the way.

By Amateo Ra, Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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