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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eight-Year-Old Girl Wrote A Heart Breaking Letter To Her Dad’s Mistress – This Will Surely Make You Cry

There is a huge impact on a child when family problems are going through in their home; it does affect not only their emotion but also the perspective that a parent should have shown as a good example for their children. In short, kids are the ones who are mostly affected in this kind of situation.

Eight-Year-Old Girl Wrote A Heart Breaking Letter To Her Dad’s Mistress – This Will Surely Make You Cry

Once children activated their consciousness as they grow, they are starting to understand what is the fight all about which mainly affect their minds and perspective to become likely broken into pieces.

They are contained with the possibilities of becoming a failure in life because of this problem they are upholding inside their emotions.

When a child is quiet, and there is no way you can talk with your kid, it is because he/she may have a hidden struggle inside. The child is hiding the feeling of being sad or in worst cases, being depressed because of mixed problems he/she may encounter in a latter-day.

There is a famous saying: "The laughter of a child is the light of the house." However, if those curves in their lips and happiness are removed from them because of constant rumpus inside their home, they might not be the one who is the man they should have to be in the future.

This is the time where they will rebel because of many disappointing circumstances in their home, and they get upset and act stubborn like never before, this is their simple way to escape from the harsh reality that something is not going right with their family. Most of this are caused by domestic problems like having a drunkard father, a nagger mom, or worst a broken relationship.

Read more below to know more about the story of an 8-year old girl wrote a letter pouring out her emotions of the sufferings she and her mom have experienced.

These are the things wrote inside the letter:

Dear Jack,

Don’t let daddy I wrote this letter, he may be angry with me. Mom told us we shouldn’t hate anyone, but I can’t help not hating you. I just wanted to ask you a favor; get away from our lives.

Got lost his job because of you, we had to sell our house to pay the bills. Without a job, there was no money for food for me and mom. I could say she went hungry so many times so I could eat. When I fell off my bike, I really wanted dad to act but he was of you.

ou didn’t let him go to my graduation day or my day’s presentation; I was up upset about that. After dad met you, he would come back home after midnight, what the hell are you doing?

He started hurting mom; at first with words then he used his belt. We had to huddle the neighbours when it happened, otherwise we will be the ones hit. As I grew up, he started seeing me as a punching bag when there were not any toys for him to break. I don’t know what you tell him, but he has changed so much.

I just want you to know that mom wants the old dad back, the man she married. Please stay away from him and let us be happy again. I hope you understand me.


As you can notice, the words are so powerful and filled with emotions as this young girl wrote this letter for not knowing of to whom would be this letter for, whether she is addressing his father's mistress or replication to his father's alcohol addiction.

The internet citizens should spread the word of this young girl as it gives a warning and a reminder to all those parents that they should not forget the responsibilities of being a parent to their child.

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