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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Use THIS Simple Trick to Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere)!

Here are several simple tricks which are going to help you find out whether the honey you bought is natural or not. Often times people buy fake honey, and this is not something unusual, as fake honey is found all around us.

Luckily, however, there are some ways that can help you check the quality of your honey. The only thing you should do is to follow these instructions and utilize these simple tricks which are going to make it clear for you if the honey you bought is natural or fake.

1. Read the Label
All manufacturers are obliged to label the content of the products they make, which means that these labels can be of great help when it comes to making sure if the honey you bought is fake. Read the label carefully and opt for the honey which does not contain additives.

2. Crystallization
It is a well-known fact that the honey won’t crystallize if it is fake. The fake honey always remains in its liquid composition, compared to the natural honey which does crystallize after a while.

3. Natural Honey Doesn’t Stick
Take some honey between your fingers and rub it with the tips of the fingers. This will help you find out if the honey you have bought is fake, as the fake honey sticks on the fingers due to the fact that it is abundant in sugar and artificial sweeteners. If the honey is natural, it is going to be absorbed by your skin in no time.

4. Caramelization
Put some honey in the microwave and see what will happen to it. If it is real, the honey is going to caramelize. In case that the honey is fake, it is going to become foamy and bubbly.

5. Paper Test
Place a little amount of your honey on a sheet of paper in order to find out if it is natural or not. It honey is natural, the paper will absorb it. If the paper does not absorb the honey, it means that it is abundant in water, which makes it fake.

6. Bug Trick
Ants do not like the natural honey, the one produced by bees. This means that ants can help you find out if the honey you have bough is real or not. All you should do is put some honey in a place where you know there is presence of ants, so if the ants do not want to touch it, the honey is completely natural.

7. Honey and Water
Take a little bit of your honey and soak it in some water in order to find out if it is natural or not. If the honey starts making lumps and falls to the bottom of the water, it is natural. If the honey starts melting in the water, you should know it is a fake one.

8. Bread and Honey
Spreading the honey on a slice of bread can also reveal to you if it is natural or not. If the bread becomes hard, it signifies that the honey is natural. Alternately, if the honey only dampens the bread surface, then it contains a lot of water, and it means that it is fake.


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