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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Men In Japan Are Getting Wrapped Like This… Do You Know Why?

Would you find it therapeutic if you were wrapped in cloth for 20 minutes? ‘Otonamiki’ which literally transforms in adult wrapping is a technique gaining widespread popularity across Japan. So what is this therapeutic treatment all about?

Well, this technique is said to relieve stress and make your hip, leg and shoulder muscles more flexible.

It was invented by a Japanese midwife, Nobuko Watanbe

She also has the pregnancy belt to her credit. The pregnancy belt invented by her is widely used in Japan as an alternative to physical therapy or massage.

The tradition considered as an age old one and is derived from baby wrapping.

Ohinamaki is the technique used for baby wrapping which helps in physical strengthening. And Otonamaki works on the same basis.

What is Otonamaki?

In this technique, the person is tied in cocoon shape in a breathable cloth for 20 minutes.

It helps in correcting posture.

Kyoto Proportion is one of the several companies, and this is what inspired them to start this technique, “The reason why Otonamaki was invented was because some people were worried about babies struggling or feeling claustrophobic while being wrapped up.”

Their customers had good reviews about Otonamaki.

One customer’s review was, “It looks cramped, but it doesn’t feel tight at all,” while the other one said, “It felt so good I almost fell asleep. My neck and lower back were relaxed.”

People on social media haven’t taken the trend quite well.

There have been comments on Twitter calling the technique creepy and comparable to a horror movie.

This tradition started in 2015 and until now over 70 customers have been treated with it.

It is mostly offered to women who come to strengthen their pubis after childbirth or fix bow legs.

However, the tradition hasn’t gone down well with medical experts.

Senior Physiotherapist at Hallmark Physiotherapy, Vishwanathan Ravi said, I totally disagree with the treatment method. The way they were wrapped up may lead to muscle strains if not in the short-term, but the long-term. If a person stays in the position for 30 minutes, I’m sure there will be spine problems. It’s not advisable to do this treatment.”


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